Focus on Investment

Are you an investor? Most of us would say “no”. Investors are finance guys. But … why do we take such a narrow view? It is not because life can be lived well without investing in capacity building. It cannot. So we should be investing in building capacity, right? We should be investors, right?

The problem, me thinks, is that we tend to accept a passive role in accepting the framework for living well. We choose among the options that are given to us. Lawyer, doctor, scientist, whatever. These are somewhat fixed roles. So once we make a selection, we follow a set path to fulfill the role that is assigned to us. Our investment looks more like a selection. A choice rather than a process of creating something new.

That worked pretty well when career choices were somewhat fixed. But this is changing. Now markets are frequently “disrupted”. Career paths have to take those disruptions into account. And we need to invest in building capacity to do that.

So how do we make the investment? It is, voila, a strategic question.


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