Doing an Audit

A while ago, I got the feeling that I was getting too isolated. My circle of contacts was not growing. It did not seem urgent at the time, as I still had very nice contacts within my ecology. But the thought hit me. My ecology was pretty stagnant.

What to do? I bought a small cafe. My logic was simple. A small cafe was a perfect place to build a network of friends. It could be my office and my hobby. Bad idea. I knew what the problem would be, but I refused to acknowledge it. Running a cafe is hard work. And it gets harder if you can’t find great staff.

Back to the drawing board. I accepted that the cafe idea was an attempt to find a “magic bullet”. Something that would solve all of my problems with the pull of the trigger. Outside of vampire movies, magic bullets rarely work. Was there a better way to build a more dynamic ecology?

No answers appeared to me. So I did what all bold thinkers do when they have no idea what they are doing. I decided to do an audit. The audit would disassemble my problem and look at each piece separately. To make a long story short, I wasted a lot of time looking at these life fragments. But one thing did emerge.

It was so simple, I could not believe that I had not focused on it before. It was so simple that I thought it should not be a problem. But it was. Here it is — If you want to build an ecology, you need to know what an ecology is.

You might laugh. Isn’t it obvious? Well, if it is so obvious, why are the smart guys and gals over that the New York Times having such difficulty understanding it?


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