A quick quote from Digital Tonto

MIT’s Andrew McAfee even goes as far as to suggest that we should no longer depend on our own judgment, but rather focus on building better models for machines to execute.

If you have trouble with this, consider that what we call “judgment” is our inheritance from evolution. Bruce Schneier makes the case that this is biased towards appreciating “real risks”.  This made sense, when we were surrounded by real risks, like predators. But these days, nearly all risks are “apparent risks”. In other words, we are not in a position to see them. Like when you step into a plane, you cannot know how risky it is. Only modeling helps us deal with apparent risk efficiently.

So our ability to cope with reality these days depends on our ability to build and use models of reality. These are “intellectual tools”. And I agree that we need to get a lot better building and upgrading these tools. Do you agree?



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