Trapped in a Vendor Cycle?

We have been conditioned to wait for the “next big thing”. Whether that is a great new TV show, or the next great gadget, or whatever. And this is fun. But notice that we are forced into a passive role there. We have no control what that new thing will be. Nor do we have any input into making it happen. We just hear about it when it is “launched”.

Open source has tried to change that. Open source thinking is that when everyone can contribute to the development of a product idea, you get steady and faster improvement. This has proven to work in software development.  At first, not so well. But step by step, platforms that encourage and reward collaboration have gotten more efficient.

And I think this is just the beginning. The 21st century challenge is all about making this the norm rather than the exception. That will make the internet the key tool that regulates the pace of innovation.

So stop waiting and start platforming!


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