Me and My Calendar

How important is your calendar to you? In my personal productivity suite, mine is essential, but for limited purposes. I use it to make sure that I remember when I have “appointments” and “events” to go to. Google calendar is a step up from paper because it gives me an easier way to set reminder emails and pinds. And once or twice, these reminders have saved my butt. Thanks Larry and Sergey!

But to be honest, I have not expanded my calendar use much beyond just keeping track o f events and appointments. And that is too bad, because it means that I need a second data base to keep track of projects,  a third data base to keep track of contacts. and a fourth data base to track “to do’s”. Each of these data bases wants to dominate the full suite but none of them does all of what I want.

Some years ago, I thought that none of this would be necessary. Palm offered three inter-related data bases (calendar, to do, and contacts) in a single gadget that synched with a PC. If Palm had offered a fourth data base – for project management, it would have been an amazing productivity suite. All of the above nonsense could have been avoided. But Palm went belly up.

And so, we get articles like this from Giga about software products that attempt to enhance the calendar experience. Nicht gut! My calendar experience will be enhanced when

  • it allows my to keep a diary/log and an events/deadlines calendar in separate windows that I can view from the same page
  • it allows me to view my project management schedules by project and organize tasks by team member and priority
  • it  makes it easy to add tasks that back into schedules so that I do not constantly overload days
  • it formats the path from “idea” to “team development” to “project development” to “testing” to “partner development”.

Too demanding? Ok – how about just starting with the first request. Integrate calendar and diary interfaces.



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