The Domain of You

I mentioned yesterday that “life hacking” is a domain. In other words, it comprises a discrete body of knowledge about a given subject. How to live better. The conventional wisdom is that this is the job of “ethics”, something that Socrates and his gang were very interested in. “What”, they thought, “can be said about living the “good life”?”

A lot, apparently, Humans have been talking about it ever since. But setting aside the chit chat, how much do we really know about it? What are we sure about?

Well, we know that it is better to be healthy than unhealthy. That seems pretty basic. And yet, do we make leading healthy lifestyles a high priority? Incredibly, the answer is “not really”. Indeed, we are rather confused about even how to eat well. What kinds of exercise the body needs. We are just beginning to understand the circumstances where the body breaks down.

I don’t mention this to criticize. But I do want to bring out that if we treat ourselves as a domain, most of us are content to ignore expertise about us.  Even a few basic changes might have huge benefits and yet we don’t make them.

Why not? It is not for lack of intelligence. We can an do understand what we are told, about smoking, for example. We have the mental capacity to understand. But something else holds us back from acting on the information that is readily available. What is it?

That’s next!


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