A Wild Idea

For some time now, I have been working on a model for “life hacking”. Err … what is that? Well, life hacking is taking apart our life experience to re-make it into something we like more. Something that works better for us. In other words, stepping outside the stereotypes for identity that are offered to us (the pre-fab stuff) and building something else.

What does that look like? Well, it looks like a dialog. A creative dialog.

We know form Csikszentmihalyi that creativity has three nodes. There is the domain, the field and the creative actor. The domain is the focus of knowledge. The thing we are trying to master. The field is the current state of knowledge about the domain, embodied in at least one “expert”. The actor is the person who has mastered the domain and wishes to add to it. The actor and the field are in an ongoing dialog about what new ideas have value. The actor’s perspective is to challenge and take things to the next step – to use knowledge. The field’s perspective is based on the perceived value of the knowledge – to preserve and record the process.

Life hacking is a domain. The field is occupied by folks who have experience in living. And actors abound. Folks who want to try out stuff. Interesting. I will be elaborating this over the next several posts.

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