Rewarded for Routines?

It is a truism that great work comes out of great routines. Rothko, for example, used to sit in a chair every day smoking cigarettes and staring at a blank canvass, waiting to see something there. And so when Entrepreneur magazine exhorts us to upgrade our routines, I say “leave my routines alone!”

I get a bit grumpy because whenever an entrepreneur wants me to do something, it boils down to me paying for a new product or service. So if I start up an exercise routine, of course, I will need new sneakers, and perhaps shorts and of course, yoga pants and pad and maybe some sort of beeping gizmo that I wear on my wrist that tells me what a lazy slug I am.

I have a radical suggestion. Entrepreneurs should pay me to start up a routine and let them know how it works out. If, for example, my exercise routine produces health, I should get paid for contributing to the pool of knowledge about how to accomplish health. And yes, I would take bitcoins or some other form of micropayment.

Does this sound odd to you? Of course it does. As a rule, consumers (a derogatory term that refers to “the rest of us” who don’t live in Silicon Valley or Manhattan) don’t get paid for anything. We pay. But it is the future. We just don’t have the platforms yet to make it possible.

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