Facebook has a Future?

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am not a huge fan of Facebook. It is just not my thing – too cluttered with trivia. Indeed, it seems to be dedicated to trivia.

So where is this headed? I think there will be a saturation point. The time will come when Facebook will get less and less “buzz” from the trivia that it offers. It will start to stagnate. This does not mean that social media will die out. To the contrary, it will find new platforms that offer better value.

So what what about Facebook?`Will it die out? It might. But it might not if Facebook recognizes what is great about being in the trivia business. Once it finds that great thing, then Facebook can build its leverage by focusing on that great thing.

So what is great about trivia? Well, the best thing I can think of is fun. Facebook is in the fun business. A competitor to Disney, And from this perspective, its acquisition of a virtual reality helmet manufacturer for a huge amount of cash recently might make sense. Facebook might be looking to beef up its presence in the gaming industry.

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