Building, Always Building

The old idea was that the city of Tallinn was never ready. If it was, the man from the lake would wash it all away in a flood!

And so it is with our own lives. We are never a “thing” that is completed. We are in motion in each minute, building stories. To get better at that, means to get better at finding meaning in life.

So how to build these stories. Steven King’s first suggestion is to build the story for yourself. I would put it this way “be the hero of your own story”.  Herb Lui adds a helpful suggestion. Add to your story every day. It does not build itself. Ken Levine offers one more idea. As you get better at structuring your stories, add layers of complexity. After all, you are not just one story. You are many stories that interact inside you.

All good advice. But what you do with this is up to you.

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