Othering? What’s that? It is the art of working with others. Something that most of us find frustrating. There is a core problem here. We all are self-interested. That is what being human is all about. So our natural orientation is the self – inward. The outward view is secondary. And if that is true for all of us, you see the problem. How will we get along?

The amazing thing is that we get along much better than you might expect from inward oriented creatures. Indeed, humans are the only species on the planet that relate in tribes and between tribes. Congratulations, then for saying “Hi!” to the mailman.

Can we get better at it? Dan Pink suggests that we should — if we want to succeed in the modern world. Why? Because the trend is towards more informal cooperation and away from fixed institutional roles. And more informal cooperation means more unstructured interaction. That means more persuasion (selling) will be needed to get anything done.

So we should get better. But can we? Of course we can … errr … if we choose to do so. If we make that choice, the problem becomes one of developing the right strategy to make it happen. But making that choice is a life changing decision. It means that you give up being “right”. You give up a certain amount of “control”. That is troubling for lots of folks.

But what if you could surround yourself with really, really smart and highly motivated people? It might look something like Kyyba.


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