Prada Goes Even More Upscale

Steve Jobs understood a key aspect of branding. To get people to buy at high prices, he needed to create the perception that the products he sold were different. That there is no competition. And Jobs was obsessive in stage managing those perceptions. It was perhaps, his single most important contribution to Apple’s success.

We are familiar with how this dominated the design of Apple products. But the obsession did not stop there. Jobs wanted the difference to be obvious at every level of the customer experience. That included the moment when the customer saw the product and bought it. And so Jobs was drawn to the idea of creating Apple stores.

At the time, pundits thought the idea of Apple getting into retail was stupid. The trend was going in the opposite direction – selling online or via big warehouse stores, like Best Buy. But it worked. Customers loved and still love Apple stores. Lesson learned.

So now we have Tesla stores. It is the same marketing concept applied to selling unique transportation vehicles. Prada got the message too. Prada wants women to spend ungodly amounts of money for their products. So they must be different. But how can this happen when Prada products get thrown together with other stuff in a department store?

Enter the Prada store concept. You can thank Steve Jobs for this one.


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