The Ultimate “How to” Story

The internet groans with recommendations for losing weight and getting more productive and creative and sexy and rested and on and on and on. All good stuff. But what about the ultimate stuff? How do we sustain the quality of life into old age? How do we live well longer?

Aging is still a bit of a taboo in the media. Old people are not cool and getting old is still considered to be scary. This is changing as a huge number of baby boomers start to get old. Just do a youtube search for “aging gracefully” and you will get a nice sampling of advice. But we are not yet embracing old age and dying as mainstream. We are not yet “into” how to age gracefully as a positive thing.

But there is hope. We have data! We know some stuff. We know that people in some cultures age more gracefully than others. And we can learn from it. Here is a peek at some of the stuff we know. BTW, there is more. We are just beginning to understand the nuanced relationship between diet and health. Stay tuned!


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