Fear the Clusterfug?

I have a new routine this year – I am listening to at least one podcast per week. This week, I took in Dan Pink’s interview of Bob Sutton and Huggy Rao. They wrote the book “Scaling Up Excellence“).

For connoisseurs of podcasts out there, I recommend it. Dan always asks good questions and in this case there is a lot to find out. About what? The main thing is why it is easier to do challenging little stuff than to do the same stuff on a larger scale. That leads to possible suggestions for how can we cope with the added complexity of scaling up. And in a globalizing world, who does not want to scale up? If not everything, at least something?

And what is clusterfug? Well, that is for you to find out. Quick hint: It is not good. Another quick hint: it happens when communications suffer from illusion, impatience and incompetence.

My favorite take away — as cognitive load goes up, willpower goes down.


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