Why Would I Want That?

You would not expect a guy selling coal to get too excited about solar energy. Nor would you expect a guy selling candy to get excited about research that sugar is bad for you.

That seems obvious. So why do we expect companies to embrace innovation? They are not heavily invested to change what they produce — they are heavily invested to sell what they produce now.  So it is no huge surprise that “competition” between firms is mainly about achieving economies of scale — producing something marginally cheaper and better — rather than disrupting markets.

And it is no huge surprise that companies work hard to lock in our “loyalties” to products, whether we need them or not. Like having a KitKat candy bar with your coffee?

Yup, KitKat and coffee has been a very successful advertising slogan.

So what if you came up with a new technology that could extend the life of batteries? It would be great for consumers — the batteries in your smart phone would last a lot longer! Oops! But that would mean that you might buy smart phones less frequently. So would smart phone producers embrace this? That is what Tim Sherstyuk and his dad will find out, because they have just invented that technology.


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