Immune System Blues

The fact is that western medicine does not know the immune system works. Take it from me, a guy who has talked with various doctors for decades about auto-immune system issues. When you push them, they admit that they have no clue.

This is not that big a deal for me, as my conditions have not been life threatening. Allergies, iritis, asthma. That kind of stuff. But what if I had a more serious auto-immune issue? Like MS? This is where things get scary.

They get scary because we won’t be able to find cures for MS until we figure out why it develops. And the drug industry has invested huge amounts to sell drugs that simply depress immune system sensitivities. They aren’t looking at other, less expensive ways to prevent or control the condition.

Like the relationship between diet and immune system health. Dr. David Perlmutter offers a rather stunning picture of where we stand now in this.


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