Complex Because We Make it so

One of the motivations for starting this blog is to organize thinking about shared learning.  The more obvious context is in developing networks. In that space, we can’t compel people to share or cooperate. And so to thrive in networks, one has to re-think communication skills on the individual, group and ecology levels.

But just because we work in the same firm does not mean that we will share learning. In fact, as firms have gotten more complex, they have found it harder to structure information flow to optimize sharing. Steve Blank called for “blowing up the architecture” of the firm to do this better. In his TED talk, Yves Morieux offers 6 principles to use in re-building that architecture. I thought that the goal is admirable – to simplify the challenge.

I especially liked the first principle – to cooperate, you need to understand what people are doing around you. Not just know the job title, but the idea behind it.

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