Cool Stuff – On Demand Mobility

Back when I was a teen, I dreamed of the day when I could own a car. Any car would do, but something sporty would be nirvana. What was the big deal? Having a car meant having a ticket to freedom. You could go anywhere you wanted anytime. You were free.

Or at least it seemed so. When I got a car, I did love that sense of freedom that driving offered. But I also had to get used to gassing it up, repairing it, insuring it, cleaning it driving safely, traffic jams, city parking etc. etc.  There was a dark side to this. But there was also no competing technology around that could give me the same type of freedom that owning a car could give.

That may be changing. What if you could summon different kinds of transport to your door depending on what you need, just when you need it? And what if you didn’t have to drive it? It would drive itself and leave after dropping you off. This is better than calling a taxi and waiting. And it would be better than owning just one car. And as Fast Company reports, it may be just around the corner.

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