Networks and Search

There was a time, and it was not too long ago, that search was an amazing new tool. It was truly amazing that you could “google” stuff and learn quicker than ever before. The reason this was so great was that folks were suddenly inputting huge amounts of information on the web. So search became the tool of choice to uncover what you wanted.

Is this era over? Well, we are not going back to a pre-search world. We are now used to being able to obtain data on demand, rather than work for it. But one thing has changed. The usefulness of search via Google depends on Google’s ability to produce the best and most current responses to our search requests. And as people input less stuff on web pages, is it possible that Google gets less of what is most current? Mark Cuban thinks so.  And he has a point. People are using social media rather than web sites more and more.

So where is this headed? I think we are headed towards a new era of platforming — where folks who want to connect at high velocity do so on dedicated space. They won’t all have web pages. Nor will they all use Facebook or Twitter. But they will agree on a dedicated platform to use for their purposes. We are just getting started in this brave new world of platform wars. Hold on to your hat!



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