building Focus – Learning How to Eat

Since my early twenties, i thought of myself as a pretty good cook. That is, I knew how to make stuff in my kitchen that I liked. But recently, I have begun to realize that I know very little about the health characteristics of what I eat. ooops! I am starting to learn about this and I will be tracking what I learn here.

In my learning model, this is the type of thing that you learn by building focus in groups. In my case, I started telling friends about what I didn’t know. In turn, they are offering me updates about what they do know. And by sharing, we all have a chance to learn together and have fun doing it. Here is a link that I just received about how fiber keeps you healthy. Thanks!

FOLLOW – Today I noticed an article from “Real Food Forager” discussing an experiment on the effect of “microbiota” on obesity. The upshot is that

We do know that the gut bacteria definitely plays a part in obesity.
We? I am just figuring this out.

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