Who are We, Anyway?

This is an initial post for this blog, and I am pretty excited about it.

The idea came from this Giga article by Matt Ingram. In the article, Matt expresses some frustration with NYT and its “distance” from its readers. I think Matt has touched on a rather sensitive issue. He posits that distance is not useful these days and I agree. But how do we shrink distance? Good question. And I would address it by playing a bit with the word “we”. When I ask “who are we?” in this post, I am putting on the agenda, who am I, and who are you, and what do we want to share? If what we want to share binds us, we have a “we”.

I would like to work further on this dynamic in this blog. Who am I?  I have a bit of background on what learning is about. About how to get smarter.  I am very interested in seeing paths towards better living, sharing skills to get to the next step, and learning how to leverage the connections we make. If you want to get more deeply into this, check out Mihaly Csikszenmtmihalyi’s book “Flow“.  You’ll get the framework for my thinking in that book. Two other books might give you more perspective. Csikszentmihalyi points out that as humans, we suffer from an inherent limitation – we have limited amounts of consciousness to connect per unit of time. The challenge is to use it as wisely as possible. Dan Pink talks about how this affects the idea of selling (To Sell is Human). And the Heath Bros point out how this affects how we make choices (Decisive). Both books influence my thinking in how to streamline key social activities to get more out of them.

Next step? To create connections, we need story lines. But how do we build stories? Well we need to break this into a process – steps that we can follow that generate great stories.



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